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Iron Remedy frequency patches are embedded with natural frequencies that deliver the vital information your body needs to restore balance — without drugs or side effects.  The healing science of bioresonance recognizes energy as the universal language of all living things. Every cell in your body vibrates (resonates) at a specific wavelength of energy known as a frequency. These bio-frequencies are in constant flow within you and around you, working in concert to maintain the beautiful equilibrium of energy that is you at your very best.


Every Bio-frequency patch is a safe yet powerful, perfectly portable electromagnetic field. Embedded with targeted energy bundles that align with your chosen needs, our patches provide your body direct access to the frequencies it needs most to rebalance or repair its essential functions. With single-use convenience ease and an ultra-sleek profile, you can choose Vibrants when you need temporary support or make it part of your daily wellness ritual.

How to Use

PEEL & STICK – Carefully peel the patch from the white protective liner to expose adhesive surface and apply firmly to an area of clean, dry skin.

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1 review for Fitness Patch

  1. Fraser Burns

    Wow! They really work, these patches gave me the drive to get through my workday and stay on track to complete all my tasks. Love them.

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