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Male Hormone Therapy

Are there any side effects of testosterone treatment?

Decreased spermiogenesis (less sperm cell production) and minor testicular shrinkage are potential side effects of testosterone treatment. If you are concerned about this or other side effects, talk to your provider to discuss options for maintaining testicular volume and fertility.

Is this real testosterone?

Yes, medication is exclusively manufactured by licensed pharmacies in the United States. Our pharmacies and providers are state board licensed to prescribe and dispense medication. Patients who are medically approved for treatment will receive testosterone (cream or injection) from a [...]

How can I refill my prescription?

All supplies and medication are provided in a 70-day supply. To ensure convenience, your refill will be shipped to you automatically. Our system will also notify you upon the need for any follow up lab work.

How long does it take to receive my medication?

You can expect to receive your medication and all supplies within 15 days after you complete the medical doctor consult, and your doctor determines you are a candidate for treatment.  The first step is to order your labs, complete the [...]

Is my treatment covered by my insurance?

We do not participate in any public or private health insurance plans, cost-sharing arrangements, or similar payment methods. Clients are fully responsible for covering the service's cost.

Do I talk to a real doctor?

Yes, all patients talk to a U.S. Licensed Doctor. Upon completing your medical intake forms, our team will arrange a Telehealth appointment with one of Iron Remedy MD doctors.


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